Dexter Nails

Hello everyone,

Well after finishing Series 6 of the amazing Dexter, I decided to paint my nails Dexter themed. It’s not really my intention to copy the aesthetic properties of a fictional dead prostitute, however they nails look kind of cute fairy kei, or something, and since I love the series, why the hell not?

These are a combination of Barry M, Miss Sporty and Hot Looks nail varnish, generally the cheapest of the bunch. ‘Hot Look’s is actually the cheapest of the lot in most stores, but I find that it only requires one coat, the colours are vivid, it dries really quick and doesn’t chip that badly. So weirdly I like using them, it’s just matt colour but you can get variations.

In case you are interested, what I can work out from the images is in the TV show, the nails go (starting from thumb) red, yellow, purple, orange, and green/teal/blueish. But the thumb could be magenta while the orange is red, but I’ve done it the way it looks on the barbie hand. (Also excuse the writing on my hand, university room notes and other stuff, lol.)

So yeah, hope you like!



Strawberry Nail Tutorial

Inspired by BubzBeauty, I’m doing this Strawberry Nail Tutorial, it’s so sweet! I tried this look out for myself and it looks really cute, so I just wanted to show you guys how I did it and have it in text-form.

Aww, delicious strawberry goodness! I’d say this look is quite easier to achieve for beginners, it takes about 10-15 mintues to complete everything.

So, what do you need? You need a red nail polish, a green nail polish, white nail polish (which should be the kind used for french maninures aka, not transparent,) and some clear top coat.

The brands I’m using are just cheap brands, not a big nail expert but any colour you like will do! Mine are Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Ninja 36 (wow, that’s cool,) the same brand in Big Hair 29, white manicure tip by the Colour Workshop, and Avon Nail Experts top coat.

Okay, so.

Step 1: Make sure you nails are clean and clear. I didn’t do this, because this was experimental, but you really should! The first layer you need is the red layer, so coat an even layer onto all your nails.

Step 2: Get your white nail polish, make sure there is a tiny blob of nail varnish at the tip of the brush – and blob it on! Don’t use too much or else it won’t dry and it’ll be uneven. Dot evenly on the nails, make sure you don’t smudge them.

Stept 3: Paint on the green leaves! The best way to do this is to angle your brush in little triangles, connecting them up as you go. It gives it a cute symmetrical look.

Step 4: Once everything is dry, paint over with the clear topcoat to prevent chipping. We don’t want dented Strawberries! And you’re done, yay!

Go and flaunt your summery goodness! I even have a pair of shoes with strawberries on, they’ll match! Haha. Again credit to BubzBeauty for this, go and check out her lovely channel!


Apple (Maybe I should have done Apples?)