Hey everyone;

Just making you aware of my new blog. This is more of an everyday blog, so it’ll be updated daily with a load of fashion related things. I’ll still be updating here but only with big posts, so please make sure you follow 😀




Lolita Photoshoot [AP Fruits Parlour]

On Saturday I had a photoshoot with my AP Fruits Parlour in Leeds. It was meant for a competition but I miss calculated the deadline so sadly I didn’t have time to submit anything! So in the future I could probably use it for something else, but for now I’ll just share a couple of pictures we took that day!

The photographer was James Taylor and he’s very talented! Luckily it was pretty warm and sunny outside at the start of the day, which is odd for an English January.

Hope you like them! Any questions let me know 🙂

Apple x

Mega Outfit Thread 2011

This is going to be basically a collection of my outfits since 2011. So a super mega outfit thread! I’m not sure what kind of style I dress as really, it depends on the day. Some of the cosplay stuff is from Kitacon, most of it is the stuff I wear to Uni, so I’m just gonna slam it all in here. Also, excuse the random messyness in my room; it varies from picture to picture which is quite funny really.

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Lolita weekend!

Well, this weekend has been a very eventful weekend. Saturday was the Leeds Cosplay Group meet, and then Sunday was the Yo! Sushi lolita meet.

As always LCG was amazing, I spent too long messing around with my wig in the morning! I decided to go in Lolita as for some reason I’ve been Lolita inspired this month, and I realised that one of my Bodyline JSK’s that didn’t fit actually now does, which is pretty awesome; it has a matching bag, and I’ve been wanting to wear it for ages!

To be honest it was really difficult to co-ordinate because of the weird shades of gold and yellow, but I do love the wig and wanted to re-use it from my Rima cosplay and so that was the closest thing I had. I made a star hair clip the night before, out of polymer clay (recently got into deco-den, that’s a blog post for another day.) So it all ended up better than I thought!~

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Rima Cosplay

Hey, Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here is my Rima from Vampire Knight cosplay; it’s by TokyoToys.


Hope you like ^_^