Moshi Moshi Radio

Hello everyone~

I thought this might be of interest to you guys! I’m startin a radio show next week called ‘Moshi Moshi,’ and we will be playing Japanese and Korean pop music, as well has having a culture discussion, news and fashion section.
We broadcast every Thursday from 2pm-3pm UK time, there will also be a podcast for those unable to listen at this time. So just a heads up really :) We also take requests, so any Japanese related music is welcome, although it mainly is pop music we like to have a mix.

If you are interested, this is our facebook page, we’d appreciate the likes! :) … 4888498255

Any comments/critiques and suggestions are welcome (obviously once you’ve heard the first show!) This is also our site~

Let me know what you think~


Rima Cosplay

Hey, Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here is my Rima from Vampire Knight cosplay; it’s by TokyoToys.


Hope you like ^_^



Wardrobe Post

I think it’s about time for this! Some items are missing, but I didn’t think looking at 12 variations of white and black blouse was that interesting, lol. So here is my lolita wardrobe. (With a gyaru and a couple of boderline pieces in there.)

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate OP in pinkxwhite.

Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlour in BlackxPink.

Bodyline Ice Cream Print in Mint.

Bodyline gothic JSK in black.

Tralala gyaru style dress and top in Pink.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK in red tartan.

Bodyline heart pocket JSK in blackxwhite.

Offbrand Hello Kitty JSK.

Bodyline Alice in Wonderland print in pinkxred.

Bodyline puppy print in whitexpink.

Offbrand skirt in pinkxwhite.

Bodyline blouse in off-white.

Angel Pretty Jacket in Pink.

Offbrand coat in black.

Bodyline x2, Angelic Pretty x1, Offbrand x2.

Angelic Prettyx2, the rest offbrand.

Minkyshop, Offbrand, rest are Bodyline.

Offbrand black parasol.



Room Design

Hello everyone!

I’m getting my room decorated soon, so I’ve started designing it. So excited! It’s been the same for a long time now, just hadn’t had the time to get going with it. I stripped all the wallpaper off, which only took me a little while. I designed the room on Maya, but I’ll skip the technical detail as it’s boring, hah. It’s inspired by Melty Chocolate by AP, one of my favourite dresses. So here they are!:

It isn’t finished yet, needs more stuff! But it’s a start, heh.


Manchester MCM Expo 2011

Yesterday I attended the Manchester Expo! I’ve never attended an expo before, so I was very excited and nervous for the Masquerade I decided to enter with my friend Soph this time.

We got the train from Bradford to Manchester, and the tram to kind of near the expo hall. We walked the rest of the way, and we spotted some wonderful cosplayers! We waved and they waved back, everyone was really really friendly. So we arrived, and we couldn’t BELIEVE how long the queue was! I can’t tell you have glad we were to have bought the fast track tickets otherwise we’d have been there for hours.

We had a look around the stalls and squeeeeeeed at the plushies, comics, keychains and everything else anime themed! There was a retro game stall which I spent a bit of time looking at as I do love my retro consoles, as you might already know! Cybercandy was there, but unfortunately they didn’t have any Fanta Grape with them which I craved so much after my trip to Japan, hah. They did have some great stuff though.

I made a compilation video of the events, including an excellent video of our random toilet rave, hah.

As I mentioned, we were in the masquerade, which is always a lot of fun, even if we do get pre-stage nerves. It all went pretty well though and hopefully people liked our cosplays.

Here is a gallery of the images I took on the day, as there is too many to post individually.  Are you on our pictures?