New Theme!

Today I’m really not feeling so good, so I’ve been entertaining myself, creating a new theme! I’ve had the old one for so long now, and considering it’s a cold February, I decided to go with something a little darker. I’ll brighten it up again in spring, but for now this is the new theme.

Do you like it?

Just gathering some feedback, as I’m aiming to really push the blog this year. I’ll also be writing more about life, and not just fashion, so there will be a whole mixture of things on here in the future.




Room Design

Hello everyone!

I’m getting my room decorated soon, so I’ve started designing it. So excited! It’s been the same for a long time now, just hadn’t had the time to get going with it. I stripped all the wallpaper off, which only took me a little while. I designed the room on Maya, but I’ll skip the technical detail as it’s boring, hah. It’s inspired by Melty Chocolate by AP, one of my favourite dresses. So here they are!:

It isn’t finished yet, needs more stuff! But it’s a start, heh.