Wardrobe Post

I think it’s about time for this! Some items are missing, but I didn’t think looking at 12 variations of white and black blouse was that interesting, lol. So here is my lolita wardrobe. (With a gyaru and a couple of boderline pieces in there.)

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate OP in pinkxwhite.

Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlour in BlackxPink.

Bodyline Ice Cream Print in Mint.

Bodyline gothic JSK in black.

Tralala gyaru style dress and top in Pink.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK in red tartan.

Bodyline heart pocket JSK in blackxwhite.

Offbrand Hello Kitty JSK.

Bodyline Alice in Wonderland print in pinkxred.

Bodyline puppy print in whitexpink.

Offbrand skirt in pinkxwhite.

Bodyline blouse in off-white.

Angel Pretty Jacket in Pink.

Offbrand coat in black.

Bodyline x2, Angelic Pretty x1, Offbrand x2.

Angelic Prettyx2, the rest offbrand.

Minkyshop, Offbrand, rest are Bodyline.

Offbrand black parasol.




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