Miku Hatsune Make-Up for Beginners

After speaking with my friend and searching on the net for a while, I found that there is basically nothing out there for people who are pretty much completely new to make-up and wanting to use it with cosplay. A lot of the tutorials I found were a bit too complex and often added in a load of foundation, mascara and eyeliner that is pretty intimidating to a new user of make-up.

What I’ve done instead is combine the 3 basic elements I use in my cosplay make-up to create a super simple look for beginner users of make-up; tinted moisturiser, blusher, and eyeshadow. Perfect for Miku Hatsune!

Here is the look I created with just these things:

Simple and easy, right?

Here is the video how to do it!

Hope that helps you in the future,



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