Forbidden Planet Manga Night 11th July

Hey again everyone!

A little late, but here is a post on Forbidden Planet’s Manga Night, on the 11th of July! Since it was a hot and sunny day, I decided I’d wear Lolita instead of cosplay, thinking I wouldn’t need to wear a wig. After all that, I decided to wear one anyway so it was pretty warm!

Forbidden Planet’s Manga nights are always a lot of good fun, with competitions, quiz’s, and of course, cosplay! It’s also a chance to get your hands on some of the good deals in store. We took part in the quiz, and did a lot better than last time, with 7/9. The winner got 8! They know their stuff!

I entered the poster competition~ I didn’t win, but a really great entry did win which was awesome.

And of course, the cosplay competition, lots of great cosplays won! And here is some of the great pictures from the day:

Yay cosplayers! Soph is Haruhi and I’m in Lolita~ Outfit rundown for those interested! Headband: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Cream Doll (never heard of it, but bought it in Japan, might look that up.), Wig: Bodyline (review of it in earlier posts), JSK: Angelic Pretty, Bags: Angelic Pretty, Socks: Offbrand, Shoes: Demonia.

So yeah! Had a great time ❤ Hope you enjoy the pics, last one was taken by Andrea from Forbidden Planet.



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