Manchester MCM Expo 2011

Yesterday I attended the Manchester Expo! I’ve never attended an expo before, so I was very excited and nervous for the Masquerade I decided to enter with my friend Soph this time.

We got the train from Bradford to Manchester, and the tram to kind of near the expo hall. We walked the rest of the way, and we spotted some wonderful cosplayers! We waved and they waved back, everyone was really really friendly. So we arrived, and we couldn’t BELIEVE how long the queue was! I can’t tell you have glad we were to have bought the fast track tickets otherwise we’d have been there for hours.

We had a look around the stalls and squeeeeeeed at the plushies, comics, keychains and everything else anime themed! There was a retro game stall which I spent a bit of time looking at as I do love my retro consoles, as you might already know! Cybercandy was there, but unfortunately they didn’t have any Fanta Grape with them which I craved so much after my trip to Japan, hah. They did have some great stuff though.

I made a compilation video of the events, including an excellent video of our random toilet rave, hah.

As I mentioned, we were in the masquerade, which is always a lot of fun, even if we do get pre-stage nerves. It all went pretty well though and hopefully people liked our cosplays.

Here is a gallery of the images I took on the day, as there is too many to post individually.  Are you on our pictures?



Hyper Japan 2011

Hey everyone!

This is my blog about Hyper Japan 2011. Hyper Japan is a Japanese Culture event, supporting food, fashion, cosplay and lolita. I attended both the Saturday and the Sunday to see Kanon Wakeshima, and of course, go shopping!

On the Saturday, I visited a lot of the stalls. There was a collection of Japanese food places, and for dinner I had chicken teriyaki and kelp onigiri, delicious! There were a number of stalls selling various Japanese goods, for example a Japanese magazine stall, they had a lot of the typical fashion mags from Japan, and things like the Gothic and Lolita Bible. There was also a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright stall, however on the Saturday I noticed it was closed, and this is apparantly due to the staff getting food poisoning the day before, which is a real shame! There was a Bring and Buy stall, which had Lolita rings, accessories and clothes, so I decided I’d buy a ring that would nicely match my Melty Chocolate dress. I was told a girl called Tania made them, so cute! (Excuse my nasty hands, hah, been making cosplay stuff and there is all manner of glue and such on there.)

I went to the Wasabi Records stall to buy Kanon Wakeshima’s new album, along with her artbook. I got a discount from being from egl, so that was great! In total it was £15.

As you can see, I was lucky enough to get it signed by her! The signing was at 4pm, I started queuing around 3.30pm so as a result I was quite near the front.  When I was wandering around the stalls, I noticed a guy at the AnimeLeague stand drawing people, and so I thought it’d be a nice thing to keep. He did a really good job I think, and he was a really nice guy too.

Cool right? I love seeing artists at work, especially because I like to draw a lot myself. Aside from the stalls, there were a lot of stage performances and such. I caught the last end of a sushi cooking tutorial on the stage, which was really interesting. I might have to give it a go at some point myself! And of course, the person I was waiting for, Kanon Wakeshima! If you don’t know her, she’s a singer and she also plays the cello, famously known for her songs at the end of the Vampire Knight episodes.  I was so lucky to be sat in a good place to be able to see her. She started her set with Still Doll, and played nearly all of my favourite songs, Suna no Oshiro, Marmalade Sky, Princess Charleston, Lolitawork Libretto etc and she really was excellent. I’m listening to her album now! My family who had come along with me were also really impressed by her, it’s nice that my family took an interest.

I saw some of the cosplay show, which was also pretty awesome. There were a ton of good cosplayers around (a lot of Miku’s! <3) which was nice to see. As well as this, there was a gaming booth with lots of new games, including Zelda: Skyward Sword. Ah, I was so excited to play it! My verdict on it, ‘The gameplay is structured better, it’s easier to access menu’s and it makes a lot more sense for the Wii controls. To access weapons, you hit the back button and it brings up a circle interface of possible weapons – no hitting the pause and going in and out through menu’s. Things seems a little more difficult than recent Zelda games, which is something I really wanted. Though it is hard to gauge the difficulty level from only playing for a short time, and it may have just been because I was getting used to the controls.’

‘The graphics/environment design were excellent, in particular I played the ‘Dungeon’ option and it was a very nice looking thing. It had the traditional moblins, this time with armour, more defense techniques and the whole thing required more skill than just random slashing of stuff in it’s general direction. There was also the come back of things similar to skulltula’s, spiders, where you had to break the web to defeat them.’

‘You had to hit the crystals dotted around to open the door, very typical in Zelda style. It has a nice combination of new elements in comparison with the old. All in all, I’m 10x more excited having played that little bit, I think it’s shapin’ up to be something pretty sweet.’

On Sunday, I went to the Tea Party with Kanon Wakeshima which was amazing. I was outside on my own, when another girl in a Melty Chocalate dress spotted mine and came to talk to me, she was really nice and invited me to her group as I was on my own. All the Lolita’s were really kind so I appreciate you guys including me! ❤ We all went in and we had name places, and the tables rotated and we were given the change to speak and ask Kanon Wakeshima questions about her music and fashion. She was really sweet, polite and kind.

I asked her,



Then I gave up on Japanese because we only had 4 minutes and I couldn’t think fast enough, hah!
What is your favourite Lolita brand?

She gave me a whole list, but her first was Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, and when I met her she was wearing a dress from Baby.

What is your favourite part of Japan?

I like Tokyo, because that is where I came from.

Some other girls asked her:

When did you start playing the cello?

I started playing the cello when I was young, and I used to hate it and didn’t want to do it! But then, I became better and learnt not to give up, and now I love it.

So it was very interesting! Thank you to the organisers of this event. I will post pictures as they come, so far I haven’t got any of us all at the tea party. I know there were a lot of issues getting into Hyper Japan because of the capicity problems, but I guess I was on of the lucky ones and had no problems either days I was there. I had a wondeful time and I’m especially thankful to my family who took the time to come with me and show an interest in my hobbies! They liked looking at the cosplay and the lolita fashion too!

I was in Lolita both days, so here are a couple of images (sorry the first one isn’t the greatest, my Dad took it hah.)

Bow: Angelic Pretty

Dress: Angelic Pretty

Blose: Cream Doll

Socks: Offbrand (I know you can’t see ’em.)

Shoes: Demonia

Bag: Offbrand

Parsol: Offbrand

And another image, this is (c) Saoirse Clohessy

Bow: Angelic Pretty

Dress: Angelic Pretty

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Rings: By Tania, another offbrand.

Necklace: Offbrand

Socks: Offbrand

Shoes: Bodyline

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, it’s pretty long this time! More pictures will probably be posted as the emerge on the net, hoping to get one of the group photo of Kanon’s tea party. Oh, I’ve also changed the format of my pictures. Do you like them? Thanks!


Miku Hatsune Make-Up for Beginners

After speaking with my friend and searching on the net for a while, I found that there is basically nothing out there for people who are pretty much completely new to make-up and wanting to use it with cosplay. A lot of the tutorials I found were a bit too complex and often added in a load of foundation, mascara and eyeliner that is pretty intimidating to a new user of make-up.

What I’ve done instead is combine the 3 basic elements I use in my cosplay make-up to create a super simple look for beginner users of make-up; tinted moisturiser, blusher, and eyeshadow. Perfect for Miku Hatsune!

Here is the look I created with just these things:

Simple and easy, right?

Here is the video how to do it!

Hope that helps you in the future,


Forbidden Planet Manga Night 11th July

Hey again everyone!

A little late, but here is a post on Forbidden Planet’s Manga Night, on the 11th of July! Since it was a hot and sunny day, I decided I’d wear Lolita instead of cosplay, thinking I wouldn’t need to wear a wig. After all that, I decided to wear one anyway so it was pretty warm!

Forbidden Planet’s Manga nights are always a lot of good fun, with competitions, quiz’s, and of course, cosplay! It’s also a chance to get your hands on some of the good deals in store. We took part in the quiz, and did a lot better than last time, with 7/9. The winner got 8! They know their stuff!

I entered the poster competition~ I didn’t win, but a really great entry did win which was awesome.

And of course, the cosplay competition, lots of great cosplays won! And here is some of the great pictures from the day:

Yay cosplayers! Soph is Haruhi and I’m in Lolita~ Outfit rundown for those interested! Headband: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Cream Doll (never heard of it, but bought it in Japan, might look that up.), Wig: Bodyline (review of it in earlier posts), JSK: Angelic Pretty, Bags: Angelic Pretty, Socks: Offbrand, Shoes: Demonia.

So yeah! Had a great time ❤ Hope you enjoy the pics, last one was taken by Andrea from Forbidden Planet.


Melty Chocolate OP

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

Today I decided to finally try on my Melty Chocolate dress by Angelic Pretty that I got when I was in Japan. I have wanted this dress for so many years, it was my ‘dream dress’ and to finally have it is just amazing ❤ I hope you enjoy the pictures, it’s a really simple co-ord but I didn’t want to take too much away from the dress itself.

Thank you for reading!