Japan Purchases

Hello everyone!

I recently went to Japan, and as such I bought a lot of fashion items and visited a lot of the stores. So this post is going to be all about Japan, and my Japan purchases, so enjoy!

I definitely spent the most money in Harajuku, but I also visted the Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright stores in Osaka. Angelic Pretty was so pink! It was a really big store, I’ve never seen so much AP in one place. Baby was also lovely, they had Kanon Wakeshima playing when I walked in. I also went to Tralala and Liz Lisa, both really lovely shops – I bought a top and dress from the Tralala in Osaka.

The outfit I got from Tralala is a little bit gyaru, I think. It’s pink gingham, with a big bow on the front. It’s short, and it came with a basic plain frill white tshirt that has cute little cap sleeves. I love it, and it’s nice and casual too. I wore it to Hello Kitty Land~! Excuse my shoes, hah, my feet were messed up with blisters so I had to wear the sensible ones 😦

Okay, now moving on, here are a few shop fronts from my time in Harajuku.


Both beautiful shops, I didn’t buy anything from there though! But here is what I did actually buy, hah. From left to right – Gothic lolita dress by Bodyline. Melty Chocolate by Angelic Pretty with matching headbow. Pink heart shaped bag from Angelic Pretty, pink tote bag free from AP. Pink gingham dress with white frill tshirt from Tralala. Angelic Pretty Fruit’s Parlour with matching headbow. Bodyline mint cake print with matching shoes.

Ah, I’m so lucky ❤ I adore what I bought so much. And finally, of course, I visited the Shibuya 109 building, which I can tell you was absolute gyaru heaven. Everyone was so pretty and perfect in that place!


I had an absolutely wonderful time in Japan, unfortunately I could only cover the fashion aspects in this blog, but I hope that’s enough for you guys! Next will probably be a blog about the magical world of puri kura!

Thanks for reading,