Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

This is my cosplay makeup tutorial! Been meaning to upload this for a while, so yeah, enjoy! I’m not makeup pro but I just thought I’d share how I do it.

Start off with your face clean, washed and moisturised.

For young skin, tinted moisturiser is the best way to get a smooth even finish. No need for foundation unless you have many blemishes, otherwise it may look too ‘cakey.’

Apply the tinted moisturiser evenly.

To take away shine and create a nice matte effect, you may wish to use pressed powder over the nose and cheekbones.

To finish the preparation for the face, use a small about of blusher on the cheekbones. Do this while smiling so you know exactly where they are!

The eyes are the most important thing in anime and cosplay.

First, line the inside of the eye with and around the edge with white eyeshadow. This will make the eyes appear larger and brighter.

What colours you use depends on the character, but for a general anime look, black, white and grey usually work fine.

Shade the top of the lid with the light grey colour.

In the corners of the eyes, take the darkest colour you are using, and sweep it across the lid. You want a nice gradient effect, with the darkest colour in the corner and gradually fading out.

This is often the part people have the most trouble with.

For cosplay make-up, I highly recommend liquid eyeliner. It gives  a harsh, none smokey line which resembles anime characters more.

It won’t smudge and will last a long time throughout the game, making it good for conventions.

The downside is, it is difficult and if you poke yourself in the eye, it really hurts! This requires practice.

Firstly, line the lid, starting from the corner where your nose is, and sweeping to the other side. You should be aiming for the middle of the lid to have the thickest part and the outer edges the thinnest.

For the bottom of the eye, line from the outer edge to just over halfway. This will make your eyes appear larger and anime like.

Be aware that this look doesn’t suit everyone, so you may need to line all the way across for it to look normal.

This is the finish touch which will frame your eyes nicely!

Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Not too much – we don’t want clumping! But for cosplay you can use a little much more than usual.

You can use false eyelashes if you wish, this is particularly good for cutesy type characters. Do not use the glue you get with the lashes! It’s almost always terrible.

Buy separate lash glue. If you have a latex allergy, there are adhesives available that are latex free.

Yay, now you are all done and ready for cosplay!

Like I said, it’s easy to make colour variations here, on the left image I used pink instead of black/silver/grey.

Pay attention to the character – cute characters require thinner lines and less make-up, and darker characters need darker and thicker makeup! It’s easy to adjust.

Do what suits you – trial and error is the only way to find out what you can and can’t pull off. Not everyone has the same shaped eyes, so make sure you know what works for you.

A couple of don’ts:

Don’t use glitter. Glitter looks nice in real life, but not in photos, it reflects the light back and looks like messy dots.

Don’t be half-arsed with your make-up in general. It can literally ruin a cosplay if you are lazy with it, and people will notice.


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  1. I have no idea who you are or why I ended up here after doing a search for bad toupees online… but I am now intrigued and smitten.

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