Bodyline Wig Review

Hello again everyone, it’s been a while!

I’m back again with another wig review, this time it’s a review of Bodyline Wig 010 in ‘grpik’ which is basically like a milkshake pink. It’s only $25. The reason I bought this is because I needed a wig fast for Kitacon and I know Bodyline always ship on time.

This is the photograph of the wig itself, not in the same colour though. You can see the list of swatches down the left hand side. The wig arrived sealed in a plastic zip-lock bag, along with my other items. Honestly I can’t remember if it came with a wig net or not, but I presume it did and I lost it because I’m clumsy like that!

Firstly, the colour was as I expected. It was a little darker, but honestly that’s how I wanted it as I used this for a Luka from Vocaloid cosplay. Her hair is like a darker milkshake pink – aswell as this I already have a bright pink wig so I wanted this to be different. What I really like about this wig are that the fibers are really dull – they are not at all shiny, which looks really great on photographs.

The wig is more curly than I thought it would be. The curls at the back of the wig were lovely ringlets, with no tangles. The front of the wig was a little tangled but it was easy to brush out with my fingers. I did find myself doing this a lot through the day though, the fibers were soft and non-shiny, but they did tangle quite a bit. It’s easy to solve and for a wig of this price, not a terrible thing. The wig fibers are pretty standard as is the thickness of the wig – it’s not amazingly full but it’s definitely wearable and the bottom of the wig looks lovely. I wish they’d have added more fibres to the crown of the wig and the bangs. The bangs fall nicely, and they look pretty. They are also easily stylable.

As you can see it worked pretty well for the cosplay! You can see how the wig has tangled a little at the front, but as mentioned it’s not really a big deal and happens with wigs of this length usually anyway.

So my overall verdict? Not bad at all. I’d say it’s good value for money, and if you’re in a bit of a fix you can buy this and it’ll arrive on time. This would also be really great if you are wanting to practice styling – there are other, cheaper wigs on the site, so if you are new to styling wigs (like me) you might want to get something like this and build up from there.

Questions are welcome as always!




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