Cosplay Wigs USA Review – Pink Curls

Hi guys!

I haven’t blogged for a while, so I thought I’d kick off with something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and that’s a review of my CosplayWigUSA Wig! I bought this wig when the company first started up, and it looked so lovely I just had to have it.

The wig itself came tightly sealed in a waterproof envelope. It came with wig nets for the base and the two pigtails, the nets are used to store the wig in. Let me talk about the base wig first.

Well, as you can see it is gorgeous. I didn’t need to untangle it, and the curls are basically perfect. Even though the hair is pink, the do look natural and lovely. The fringe (or bangs) of the wig are also great, very thick all the way around and falls nicely in place. It doesn’t look too… straight, and the curls at the sides soften the look.

The colour is also lovely, I’m very pleased with how it looks. Sometimes stock photos aren’t an accurate representation of the colour, but in this case they are.

I think the pink goes nicely with red? My co-ording skills are not the best, but I love how it contrasts! The pigtails are cute and fluffy, the curls are a little finer which is a nice contrast to the thicker hair of the base wig. It makes it look fuller gradually rather than a big lump of pigtail on the top. I like how it looks with bows and headbands too, and since the pigtails are lightweight if you wear them further back, it won’t pull the wig backwards.

Yay Hello Kitty! Haha. Anyway, you can see the whole wig here in all it’s curly glory! The fibres seem to be of a good quality, they are thick. The cap is also of a good quality, it’s soft, comfortable and easy to wear. The only thing I would say, if you have a really huge head, it might not fit you, but I found there was plenty of room and it fit well.

Hope this helps you cosplayers or Loli’s with your decision! If you wish to look at CosplayWigs stuff (They also have a Lolita Wigs facebook page now) you can find them here.!/CosplayWigsUSA!/LolitaWigs

Thanks for reading,