Madame Madeline Review

So my lashes and lash glue arrived today! I’m really pleased, because I have seem to have lost one of my set of lashes that I have, so now I can replace them.

Firstly, shipping was REALLY cheap, and fairly fast too. It took around 8 days from the USA, which isn’t so bad considering I picked the cheapest shipping option. The lashes came in a small standard postal envelope with bubble wrap inside it, to protect the product.

So firstly, the top lashes! They actually sent me the wrong ones… however, I don’t actually mind at all because these are even more lovely! They are black criss-cross lashes with tiny like black gems on them. So cute! The band is just the right thickness, and the lashes look natural and not too plasticy. Here are a few pictures of them and the tray.

The above picture is of the lashes worn. They were easy to apply and also the perfect length! I didn’t have to adjust them or cut them, and they look really nice and natural, with a hint of the gems!

I also got my bottom lashes, which I haven’t work yet as I don’t want to ruin them! The interesting thing about these is that the band is clear. Normally, bottom lashes come seperately but I thought as a beginner to bottom lashes I should get a band just to practice with first.

And last but not least! The latex free eyelash glue! This stuff is AMAZING. It doesn’t burn or sting like my other glue used to do, and it’s also very very easy to apply. It works in a similar way to nail varnish, except the brush is much much thinner. It’s a lot easier than trying to squeeze it out of a tube, like a lot of glues require you to do. It’s easy to get a nice even finish, without blobs of it getting everywhere. I highly recommend this, thanks to the girls on Ricoche for telling me about it!

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. It’s a shame they got the lashes wrong but at the end of the day the ones they did send are even lovelier, so overall I’m going to give Madame Madeline an 8/10.




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  1. Hi, I just noticed this blog. Great luck with it. I bookmarked it and will be looking for more here in the future. I’m trying to blog about all things Japanese culture and was looking into fashion a bit. Keep up the good work.

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