Cosplay Wig USA

I have a thing for wigs. For some reason, I really like to collect them, wear them, style them, buy them. I have really long hair, so I get really annoyed with having to style it (it’s about waist length now.) So for me, wigs are the way to go. They are great for lazy people, and for people who don’t want to damage their hair by dying it wacky colours.

I’ve already bought a wig from Cosplay Wig USA, so I know the quality is amazing. I just couldn’t resist a cute curly pink wig that someone had reviewed on the net. I nearly bought a blonde one, but I know blonde really doesn’t suit me!

This is the wig in question, except I ordered the pink version. I adore it so much! I want it in every colour now, after seeing the others. So yes, another one of my recent purchases. My purse is being stretched to it’s limit I can tell you!

I also recieved my Bodyline order today! So a review of that will be here shortly.




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