Well, I’ve been looking for some nice eyelashes for the bottom of my eye, and also some eyelash adhesive that doesn’t irritate my eyes. For some reason it causes my eyes to be really red and sore, it burns! Haha. So the lovely girls on Ricoche.net really helped me out by linking me to Madame Madeline. They have eyelash adhesive that is free from ingrediants that might cause irritation, so I thought I might aswell give it a go.

This is latext free, so hopefully it will be good for my eyes. I’m not allergic to latex but it can be strong when put in your eyes, or so I’ve heard, so that might be the ingrediant that’s causing the problem for my eyes. The are quite sensative.

I also bought these lashes:

Both bottom and top lashes by Elise. I think they look pretty cute, and considering I kind of have no lashes on the bottom of my eye, it might make them stand out a bit more. I’m hoping so anyway.

Anyway, if you want to check out the site then please do, but make sure to check the discount code section before ordering, I got 5% off my order! And the international shipping is very cheap, only $9, it usually comes to a lot more than that. I’ll let you know about the service and how they look when I recieve my items.




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