Glasses Review

Hello everyone!

So, considering the ‘geek chic’ look is in, and glasses look so cute (especially for Gyaru style!) I decided to buy some nerdy glasses from

There are a range of glasses available on the site, and usually the description tells you which face type those particular glasses suit. This can be helpful when choosing! Personally, I went for the Miss Sophisticated Black glasses, which were $15.00 (around £9.70) since they had a pretty fake leather look it. PrettyandCute also stock other items such as fake nails, eyelashes, wigs and makeup, all suitable for the gal style! I did recall Circle Lenses being available at one stage, but I couldn’t find any this time round.

The shipping to England was quite expensive, I think perhaps totalling around $30, (£19.50) so next time I will definitely order a few more things before I pay that amount. However, I did recive a working tracking number and the item arrived in around 4 days, (and there was a weekend inbetween that!) So it’s very fast indeed.

The item itself arrived in a box, full of plastic chips (which I’m told can be disposed of by putting them in water as they dissolve away. Eco friendlyness!)

The item also arrived with a free sample of foundation, called ‘3D Skin Fix Foundation’ by Lioele. It’s a Korean makeup in ‘Pure Ivory’ which luckily is normally the shade I use, being pale! I’ve yet to try it but I’ll let you know when I do.

There was also the PrettyandCute business card, in the box. Which is sparkly and amazing! It has their email, facebook, twitter and postal address on it, as well as the prettyandcute logo.

And finally a few pictures of the glasses in question!

The glasses themselves are of a nice quality. The front part is made of a black resin kind of plastic, and the frames are clear. This particular style doesn’t have any magnifying effect, but if you do need glasses, prettyandcute says the lenses can pop out so you can take them to an optician and have them fitted with the correct strength lens. As mentioned, the sides are fake leather with a white stitching running along the length. It’s of a decent colour, looks pretty and is soft to the touch. There is a small round silver panel where the glasses bend.

Overall I would give prettyandcute a 9/10. The only thing that let them down is the price of the shipping, however they got here so quick I really can’t complain. Perhaps having different shipping options, a cheap version and an standard version would be good for smaller items like this.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my review!




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