Madame Madeline Review

So my lashes and lash glue arrived today! I’m really pleased, because I have seem to have lost one of my set of lashes that I have, so now I can replace them.

Firstly, shipping was REALLY cheap, and fairly fast too. It took around 8 days from the USA, which isn’t so bad considering I picked the cheapest shipping option. The lashes came in a small standard postal envelope with bubble wrap inside it, to protect the product.

So firstly, the top lashes! They actually sent me the wrong ones… however, I don’t actually mind at all because these are even more lovely! They are black criss-cross lashes with tiny like black gems on them. So cute! The band is just the right thickness, and the lashes look natural and not too plasticy. Here are a few pictures of them and the tray.

The above picture is of the lashes worn. They were easy to apply and also the perfect length! I didn’t have to adjust them or cut them, and they look really nice and natural, with a hint of the gems!

I also got my bottom lashes, which I haven’t work yet as I don’t want to ruin them! The interesting thing about these is that the band is clear. Normally, bottom lashes come seperately but I thought as a beginner to bottom lashes I should get a band just to practice with first.

And last but not least! The latex free eyelash glue! This stuff is AMAZING. It doesn’t burn or sting like my other glue used to do, and it’s also very very easy to apply. It works in a similar way to nail varnish, except the brush is much much thinner. It’s a lot easier than trying to squeeze it out of a tube, like a lot of glues require you to do. It’s easy to get a nice even finish, without blobs of it getting everywhere. I highly recommend this, thanks to the girls on Ricoche for telling me about it!

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. It’s a shame they got the lashes wrong but at the end of the day the ones they did send are even lovelier, so overall I’m going to give Madame Madeline an 8/10.




Cosplay Wig USA

I have a thing for wigs. For some reason, I really like to collect them, wear them, style them, buy them. I have really long hair, so I get really annoyed with having to style it (it’s about waist length now.) So for me, wigs are the way to go. They are great for lazy people, and for people who don’t want to damage their hair by dying it wacky colours.

I’ve already bought a wig from Cosplay Wig USA, so I know the quality is amazing. I just couldn’t resist a cute curly pink wig that someone had reviewed on the net. I nearly bought a blonde one, but I know blonde really doesn’t suit me!

This is the wig in question, except I ordered the pink version. I adore it so much! I want it in every colour now, after seeing the others. So yes, another one of my recent purchases. My purse is being stretched to it’s limit I can tell you!

I also recieved my Bodyline order today! So a review of that will be here shortly.




Well, I’ve been looking for some nice eyelashes for the bottom of my eye, and also some eyelash adhesive that doesn’t irritate my eyes. For some reason it causes my eyes to be really red and sore, it burns! Haha. So the lovely girls on really helped me out by linking me to Madame Madeline. They have eyelash adhesive that is free from ingrediants that might cause irritation, so I thought I might aswell give it a go.

This is latext free, so hopefully it will be good for my eyes. I’m not allergic to latex but it can be strong when put in your eyes, or so I’ve heard, so that might be the ingrediant that’s causing the problem for my eyes. The are quite sensative.

I also bought these lashes:

Both bottom and top lashes by Elise. I think they look pretty cute, and considering I kind of have no lashes on the bottom of my eye, it might make them stand out a bit more. I’m hoping so anyway.

Anyway, if you want to check out the site then please do, but make sure to check the discount code section before ordering, I got 5% off my order! And the international shipping is very cheap, only $9, it usually comes to a lot more than that. I’ll let you know about the service and how they look when I recieve my items.



Bodyline Purchases

Okay, I’m admittedly a little too obsessed with Bodyline. How can I resist such prices?! The standard of their clothing seems to have improved from when I first started looking at them, and currently there is MR YANS BIRTHDAY YAY HAPPY LOL sale on, so I thought, hey, why not. There are a few items I’ve had my eye on for a while, and my Lolita…ish wardrobe really needs updating. And unfortunately, being poor means most of my Lolita stuff is Bodyline. However girls, there is no shame in that! Wear cute dresses with pride!

Anyway, here is the stuff I actually bought today.

This is the first thing I bought. I’ve had my eye on this for ages as it’s actually so cute and lovely, it’s one of Bodyline’s better items. It’s been sold out in other colours for a while, but I decided to get it in yellow anyway. Yellow was my favourite colour when I was little, so I was like awww. Plus, it’s one of the less popular colours so it’ll be nice to be a little bit different, I guess.

Of course, considering I was buying the dress I just had to have the matching bag too. I’m a little bit too enthralled with bags and have so many, but personally I think you can never have TOO many bags. Look at all those dancing unicorns! Reminds me of My Little Pony, I used to watch when I was little, haha.

I also got these brown shoes, which are just adorable. I’m hoping they will match up with the yellow/tan colour of the dress above, so I can wear it with that. If not, I have a few things in my wardrobe which would go nicely with this. And because I am insanely messy/clumsy and so on, these are darker brown so HOPEFULLY scuffing and so forth won’t show up so badly. And maybe, one day, they will match my Melty Chocolate JSK. Haha.

My next purchase was this skirt. I haven’t seen many reviews of this but personally I think it’s pretty! Again, it looks to be one of Bodyline’s newer/better quality items, I really love the chocolate themed print. I ordered this one in pink, but I really like the mint version too. I have more things to co-ordinate with the pink though so I decided on that.

As always, I couldn’t go without the matching bag too! It’s in a similar style to the other one but it also matches the dress. I’ve heard that the straps on these bags are a bit naff, but considering for me it’ll just hold my purse and stuff, nothing particularly heavy, I’m not too worried about breaking. I’ll have to see when I get it.

I was in desperate need for a new blouse/cutsew. I only have one white one and I wear it with everything, so I felt like I needed a change. This is really cute, and is a better style because it’s long sleeved, will be nice for cool autumns and winters. I can also wear it under the JSK I bought and a few other things I’ve got.

And OMG these are the cutest little shoes in existence. I got these in redxwhite, because I have an Alice in Wonderland skirt in the same colour and I’m hoping they’ll match nicely. These weren’t even that expensive (considering it’s the half price sale, too.) I also have a redxwhite tartan JSK by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, so hopefully these will go well with that too. I’m so happy about these. If I like them I might buy them in other colours too.

So that’s it for my purchases today! I will be doing a review as soon as I get them. Apparantly there has been a couple of issues with Bodyline at the moment, since they are swamped with orders from the sale and so forth, but hopefully I’ll get my items and all will be well. I’ve never had a problem with them before and I have ordered from them quite a few times now so I’m not particularly worried.

Any questions then feel free to comment,


Apple. Glasses Review

Hello everyone!

So, considering the ‘geek chic’ look is in, and glasses look so cute (especially for Gyaru style!) I decided to buy some nerdy glasses from

There are a range of glasses available on the site, and usually the description tells you which face type those particular glasses suit. This can be helpful when choosing! Personally, I went for the Miss Sophisticated Black glasses, which were $15.00 (around £9.70) since they had a pretty fake leather look it. PrettyandCute also stock other items such as fake nails, eyelashes, wigs and makeup, all suitable for the gal style! I did recall Circle Lenses being available at one stage, but I couldn’t find any this time round.

The shipping to England was quite expensive, I think perhaps totalling around $30, (£19.50) so next time I will definitely order a few more things before I pay that amount. However, I did recive a working tracking number and the item arrived in around 4 days, (and there was a weekend inbetween that!) So it’s very fast indeed.

The item itself arrived in a box, full of plastic chips (which I’m told can be disposed of by putting them in water as they dissolve away. Eco friendlyness!)

The item also arrived with a free sample of foundation, called ‘3D Skin Fix Foundation’ by Lioele. It’s a Korean makeup in ‘Pure Ivory’ which luckily is normally the shade I use, being pale! I’ve yet to try it but I’ll let you know when I do.

There was also the PrettyandCute business card, in the box. Which is sparkly and amazing! It has their email, facebook, twitter and postal address on it, as well as the prettyandcute logo.

And finally a few pictures of the glasses in question!

The glasses themselves are of a nice quality. The front part is made of a black resin kind of plastic, and the frames are clear. This particular style doesn’t have any magnifying effect, but if you do need glasses, prettyandcute says the lenses can pop out so you can take them to an optician and have them fitted with the correct strength lens. As mentioned, the sides are fake leather with a white stitching running along the length. It’s of a decent colour, looks pretty and is soft to the touch. There is a small round silver panel where the glasses bend.

Overall I would give prettyandcute a 9/10. The only thing that let them down is the price of the shipping, however they got here so quick I really can’t complain. Perhaps having different shipping options, a cheap version and an standard version would be good for smaller items like this.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my review!